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    OstroVit - Liquid Chalk - 250 ml

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    Detailed description:

    Form: drink

    Capacity: 250 ml

    Dominant ingredient: magnesium carbonate

    OstroVit Magnesia in liquid 250 ml

    OstroVit Premium Liquid Chalk is nothing more than liquid magnesia. A product that will improve your grip. One or two drops are enough to significantly improve your grip during tough training sessions on on poles, handrails or gym.

    Magnesia in liquid:

    • provides better friction
    • increases hand grip
    • eliminates sweating during training
    • dries the skin

    Thanks to its liquid form, it does not stain clothes, which may be the case with magnesia in cube.

    Remember that the subsequent applications of magnesia during training must be adapted to your individual preferences, hand sweating and weather conditions, the most important of which is temperature and air humidity.

    Suggested usage:

    Apply one or two drops to the palm of your hand and thoroughly spread them over the entire surface on both hands. Then wait 20-30 seconds for the liquid to solidify on your hands and a white coating appears.

    Please test the product on a small hand surface first. to eliminate allergy to any of the ingredients. Do not use on open wounds and cuts. Keep away from children and avoid contact with the eyes and mouth.

    Ingredients: Magnesium carbonate, alcohol, rosin, hydroxypropyl cellulose.

    Delivery Price:
    Tbilisi:  6 GEL. Other cities: 8 GEL. Villages and district centers: 12 GEL

    Delivery time:
    Products are delivered from Monday through Friday. Delivery takes 2 business days in Tbilisi and  3 to 5 business days in the regions, depending on the delivery address.

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