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    OstroVit - Shaker - 450 ml

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    Detailed description:
    BPA Free: Yes
    Capacity: 450 ml
    Color: Black

    OstroVit Shaker Premium is a unique shaker in which you will prepare your favorite nutrients, without which you will not keep your diet in check, and in addition, thanks to the pilbox under the container, you will take supplements with you for training in capsules and tablets. Be it BCAAs or WPCs, all powdered supplements need proper dissolution. OstroVit Shaker Premium will be perfect here.

    Shaker with a capacity of 450 ml is equipped with 2 additional containers - pillbox, in which you can store capsules, tablets and powder supplements. In one of the boxes under the cap there is a special compartment for tablets and capsules, so you can have various forms of supplements in one package. Tight closure prevents leakage of the contents. The shaker comes with a stainless steel whisk, which will quickly and easily help you obtain the perfect consistency of the drink.


    • High build quality
    • Ball whisk to break the powder
    • Additional two containers for supplements servings - pillboxes
    • Easy to clean
    • Special construction, thanks to which the shaker does not lea

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    Tbilisi: 6 GEL. Other cities: 8 GEL. Villages and district centers: 12 GEL

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    Products are delivered from Monday through Friday. Delivery takes 2 business days in Tbilisi and 3 to 5 business days in the regions, depending on the delivery address.